Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED)

Bonding Assistance Program

Louisiana LED

Louisiana Economic Development’s Bonding Assistance Program provides help to Contractors in need of bonding.

Surety Bond Solutions, LLC represents all Surety Companies partnered with the program and Fiona J. Boyd & Miller Hilliard are Members of the LED Bonding Assistance Advisory Board for the State of Louisiana LED.

Both Fiona Boyd and Miller Hilliard have hosted surety/bonding classes for the Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute’s Business and Law Seminars. The program provides construction businesses critical information about construction management and operating a construction related business.


The Bonding Assistance Program is open to all certified Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) Program (OpportunityLouisiana.com/SEBD) clients that require bid, payment or performance surety bonds

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Small Business Programs | Bonding Assistance Program | Louisiana Economic Development (opportunitylouisiana.gov)

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