Other Surety Bonds

Surety Bond Solutions, LLC specializes in Construction Bonds, however we also assist clients with many other different types of bonds:

Construction/Contract Surety Bonds for Contractors and Subcontractors:

  • Quick Guide to Construction Surety Bonds
  • Construction/Contract Bonds up to $750,000
  • Construction/Contract Bonds over $750,000 or for clients that require a more traditional surety bond program i.e. multiple bonds and larger capacities etc.

Other Surety Bonds – Sample List:

  • Notary – In order to be commissioned as a Notary Public by the Secretary of State on behalf of the Governor, the following coverage is required:
    $10,000 Errors and Omissions Policy (protects Notary from lawsuits resulting from unintentional mistakes)
    $10,000 Notary Bond (Protects the Public from Notary Misconduct)

  • Public Official Bond
    Guarantees taxpayers that the official will do what the law requires.
    Types of Positions:
    General Officer
    Board Members, Clerks
    Commissioners, Constables
    Directors, Justices of Peace
    Judges, Managers, Mayor
    Peace Officers, Policemen
    Secretaries, Superintendents
  • License & Permit Bond
    Guarantees compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations
    For Parishes, Counties & Cities
  • Louisiana Oversize and Overweight Permit Bond
    Required by the State for movement of vehicles with excess dimensions or weight over Louisiana and other specified highways.
  • Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
    Guarantees that the motor vehicle dealer complies with all federal laws, state laws, local laws, and tax and judgment guidelines that relate to motor vehicles.
  • Fidelity / Theft Bond
    Covers loss due to any dishonest act of a bonded employee. We offer Employee Dishonesty Bonds which protects you and your customers from loss incurred by dishonest acts of your employees.
    There are 3 types:
    – Standard
    – Pro  – For Professional Service Providers
    – Janitorial Services
  • Judicial Bonds
    Bonds written for parties to lawsuits or other court actions.
  • Probate or Fiduciary Bonds
    A Guardian appointed by the court to handle the affairs of persons who are not able to do so themselves
  • Miscellaneous and Federal Bonds
    Required by the Government – Lost Securities Bonds, Custom Bonds, Bill of Lading Bonds are just a few examples.
  • ERISA Bonds
    Employee Retirement Income Security Act: to protect the interests of employee benefit plan participants and their beneficiaries

These are just some examples of the types of bonds we can offer, so please contact us if you have a bond need that is not included on this list.

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